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Items for sale! This one ounce .999 fine silver "The Duke Of Fremont Street" Medallion is minted exclusively for me by the Great American Mint and Refinery, Inc. in Anaheim, California. It has a proof like finish and is packaged in a protective plastic case. The obverse scene replicates a vintage Las Vegas postcard image of me standing in a downtown alley in front of my 1936 LaSalle with my Tommy-gun in hand. It was sculpted by world famous sculptor Eugene Daub. The reverse depicts a character of me created for the promotion of "The 4th Annual Pinstripes & Polka Dots Poker Tournament", a fundraiser that I host annually at The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the benefit of the Clark County Museum Guild.


One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver
This "The Duke Of Fremont Street" One Ounce Fine .999 Silver Medallion is offered for sale for $36.00 postpaid! I will ship via U.S. Priority Mail to any U.S. location!

I'm selling common date Morgan and Peace Dollars by the roll of 20 postpaid. All dollars are full rim and problem free. I will ship anywhere in the United States via U.S. Priority Mail Insured. The following list of silver dollar rolls are available for immediate delivery. Postage and insurance are included in the price:

                                                                                                       (Total Cost)

1) 20 Peace Dollars           $20 each  = $400.00 Plus $6.00 S&H         = $406.00

2) 20 1921 Morgan Dollars $22 each  = $440.00 Plus $6.00 S&H         = $446.00

3) 20 Pre 1921 Extra Fine Dollars $28 each = $560.00 Plus $6.00 S&H  =$566.00

4) 20 Almost Uncirculated Dollars $34 each = $680.00 Plus $6.00 S&H  =$686.00

20 Almost Uncirculated Morgan Dollars


20 Extra Fine Morgan Dollars


20 1921 Morgan Dollars


20 Peace Dollars


Roll of 50 1/10 Troy ounce .999 fine silver (5 ounces) offered in three different styles. $156.00 per roll with shipping, handling and insurance included!

50 1/10th Ounce .999 Fine Silver (AG)


50 1/10th Ounce .999 Fine Silver (AE)


Roll of 50 1/10 Troy ounce .999 fine silver (5 ounces) offered in two different styles. $156.00 per roll with shipping, handling and insurance included!
50 1/10 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver The Duke Of Fremont Street Medalions

Over the years I have acquired many unique and beautiful collectable items, gold and silver coins, vintage United States currency, and many other treasures. I am offering some of these exquisite items for sale.

Please call me at (702) 561-9431 or email with your want list. I will happy to assist you personally in locating the items you wish to purchase. If I have them in my inventory they can be shipped immediately. I network with coin and currency dealers all over the United States so I am quite capable of locating the coins or currency you wish to acquire! The complete list of the individual items I'm offering for sale changes daily and there are just too many items to list individually at this time. A few featured items and sale items will be posted.

All purchases made must be paid for in advance via cash, check or bank wire payable in United States dollars prior to shipping. All checks must clear prior to shipping. There are no exceptions. I personally guarantee all items I ship to be authentic and problem free. All items will be shipped from my location in Las Vegas , Nevada. Unless otherwise specified all items will be shipped via the United States Postal system insured for at least the amount of purchase. Unless otherwise noted items sold will will be shipped and insured free of charge!